[ros-bugs] [Bug 708] Selfhosting ReactOS bugchecks randomly.

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Thu Aug 11 15:37:04 CEST 2005


------- Additional Comments From waxdragon at gmail.com  2005-11-08 15:37 -------
I built a release version of 17272 with Hartmut's patch above.  I started a
build with a clean FS and tree before going to bed, and when I woke up this
morning, the build had completed.  However a 'make bootcd' still complaines
about ntoskrnl and winefile and thier .coff files (see screenshot attachment 2)
and there are still resource temp files all over.

I tried cleaning and rebuilding ntoskrnl, but it still complains about a "Bad
command or filename" in the [WRC] step.  I asked GvG about it in IRC and he
helped me a little further, but we are still stuck.

After running 'mingw32-make ntoskrnl', there is a
"ntoskrnl.ntoskrnl.res.tmp.Keaaaa" in the root of the tree.

Here are the commands for WRC:

$(INTERMEDIATE)/ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.coff: ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.rc
ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.xml $(WRC_TARGET) | $(INTERMEDIATE)/ntoskrnl
        ${gcc} -xc -E -DRC_INVOKED ${ntoskrnl_RCFLAGS} ntoskrnl/ntoskrnl.rc >
        $(Q)$(WRC_TARGET) ${ntoskrnl_RCFLAGS}
$(TEMPORARY)ntoskrnl.ntoskrnl.rci.tmp $(TEMPORARY)ntoskrnl.ntoskrnl.res.tmp
        -@${rm} $(TEMPORARY)ntoskrnl.ntoskrnl.rci.tmp 2>$(NUL)
        ${windres} $(TEMPORARY)ntoskrnl.ntoskrnl.res.tmp -o $@
        -@${rm} $(TEMPORARY)ntoskrnl.ntoskrnl.res.tmp 2>$(NUL)

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