[ros-bugs] [Bug 1361] New: Winpcap fails to install

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Mon Apr 3 09:58:43 CEST 2006


           Summary: Winpcap fails to install
           Product: ReactOS
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: x86 Hardware
        OS/Version: ReactOS
            Status: NEW
          Severity: major
          Priority: P3
         Component: Networking
        AssignedTo: ros-bugs at reactos.org
        ReportedBy: gerard.gatineau at laposte.net
         QAContact: ros-bugs at reactos.org

SVN 21450 - Winpcap_3_1.exe

Winpcap is a packet capture driver required for network monitoring tools like
windump, ethereal or network app like Colinux ..

Winpcap fails to install with a message box "WINPCAP 3.1 Setup"

     Winpcap 3.1 can be installed only on 32 bits X86 systems
     The installation will be aborted

Attached the debug log

(./ntoskrnl/ke/queue.c:420) Unwaiting Thread: 5
(dll\win32\shell32\shelllink.c:468) (008354e0)->(L"C:\\Documents and
FIXME: CopyImage doesn't support IMAGE_ICON correctly!
(dll\ntdll\ldr\utils.c:1193) LdrGetExportByName(): failed to find mxdMessage
(dll\ntdll\ldr\utils.c:2018) Failed to create or open dll section of 'msacm.drv'
(Status c0000135)
(dll\ntdll\ldr\utils.c:2018) Failed to create or open dll section of
'midimap.drv' (Status c0000135)
(./ntoskrnl/ke/queue.c:420) Unwaiting Thread: 5
(./ntoskrnl/ke/queue.c:420) Unwaiting Thread: 5
(dll\ntdll\ldr\utils.c:2075) Relocating (10000000 -> 00441000)
(./dll/win32/advapi32/sec/lsa.c:299) LsaOpenPolicy - stub
(./dll/win32/advapi32/sec/lsa.c:299) LsaOpenPolicy - stub
(./ntoskrnl/ke/queue.c:420) Unwaiting Thread: 5

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