[ros-bugs] [Bug 2176] r26379 on 2nd stage: black screen after loading AFD.SYS

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Fri Apr 20 09:45:43 CEST 2007


------- Comment #10 from breakoutbox at web.de  2007-04-20 09:45 CET -------
(In reply to comment #9)
> > But bootup takes a lot of time ..
> When do you see this slowdown? On loading drivers, or when screen becomes
> black, or with blue screen?
On 3rd stage = "everyday bootup" the time between last textmode output and
arising of the gui takes a lot of time.

> > Might it be possible [...] to fallback
> > on this minimum 640x480x8 mode [...] ?
> I think that bugs should be fixed instead.
Yes, generally that's true. Bugs should be fixed.

But as far as I understand the source code any other third party driver could
be loaded the same way. (Am I wrong ?)

> DrvEnableSurface failed
occurs I would prefer that ReactOS does activate VGA (when it works again one
day ..) or VBE driver in minimum resolution - instead of just a BLACK SCREEN.

Another possibility would be to fall back to text mode. And then giving out
text messages about the occured error. ReactOS does work without GUI - why
should it stop here ?

Best regards,

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