[ros-bugs] [Bug 2208] VGA is usually 4 bit, not 8 bit

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------- Comment #5 from greatlord at reactos.com  2007-04-28 01:40 CET -------
we are talking about vesa and vga
and the 640x480x8 is a vaild vga res, see the mode list I copy from vesa 1.2,
it define vga res what is accpect for 1.2 cards need follow. Card that does not
support 640x480x8 they are not vesa 1.2 compatible, they are vesa 1.0 or vesa
1.1 we are talking about 286 or 386 graphice card. 

I am using the offcial spec I got text file not a wikipeida that does not show
all the facts about vbe or vga in this case. the wikipeida does not have the
offical spec list about vga res. and ReactOS will not be avail run on 486 we
change the spec to pentium 1 now. we start using pentium 1 optiming code in
contexts switch it mean less cycles are being waste in contexts switch. 

We will not change it to 648x480x4 

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