[ros-bugs] [Bug 2627] Fixed format errors on rbuild files

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Thu Sep 13 23:20:39 CEST 2007


--- Comment #4 from piulachs <marc.piulachs at codexchange.net>  2007-09-13 23:20:39 CET ---
The ideal thing would be left them , DTD's are very useful in establishing
document structure for validation purposes.

The problem is that most DTDs are present but with invalid references , the
most probable cause is that the user who created the .rbuild file used a
previous file as a template. also the DTDs files are really outdated so it does
not make sense to left them because the documents will not validate anyway.

My opinion is that we should remove them for now and reintroduce them when
rbuild is considered stable and changes to the document's structure are rare.

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