[ros-bugs] [Bug 975] QT 4 applications show unreadable text

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--- Comment #7 from unC0Rr <unC0Rr at inbox.ru>  2007-11-19 21:54:28 CET ---
Tested with r30578. Now the symbols are right, but misplaced.

--- Comment #8 from Lone_Rifle <alwyn.tan at gmail.com>  2008-06-24 12:42:53 CET ---
Retest again, it's been 3500 revisions since the last test...

--- Comment #9 from unC0Rr <unC0Rr at inbox.ru>  2008-07-29 16:59:56 CET ---
r34924: still the same problems with text rendering

--- Comment #10 from Lone_Rifle <alwyn.tan at gmail.com>  2008-09-19 17:19:06 CET ---
Hello again unC0Rr, could a screenshot be provided? I think this bug is similar
in respects to this bug 3619.

jeanmichel, if this is indeed the same bug report to bug 3619, could you attach
your debug log and screenshots? That way I can mark 3619 as duplicate..

--- Comment #11 from jeanmichel.123 <jeanmichel.123 at free.Fr>  2008-09-19 20:45:47 CET ---
For me, bug 975 and bug 3619 differs for two reasons:

First, I do not know how it was possible to install qtdesigner (bug 975) if
installation fails (bug 3619).

Secondly, bug 3619 looks like displaying good letters in bad place, when bug
975 looks like displaying bad letters in good places.

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