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--- Comment #6 from vicmarcal <vicmarcal at hotmail.com>  2009-06-13 22:09:13 CET ---
***Testing Report***

Im testing V4 and adding DPRINTS as a mad guy, so maybe these problems are
solved in V6.

A)Info about the known issue in the 2nd Stage with windows moving to TopLeft.

I have been debugging the co_WinPosSetWindowPos() function.Seems that the X and
Y param which is reciving are wrong. The new window will have placed its
topleft corner in the (x,y) wrong coordinate. 
When releasing the mouse,after moving,it is reciving: 

(subsystems\win32\win32k\ntuser\winpos.c:874) co_WinPosSetWindowsPos, X= -373
Y= -11 cx= 503 cy= 414

As X and Y are negative, the window is being painted outofbounds.
These X and Y wrong values are making the function RECTL_vOffsetRect (called in
co_WinPosDoWinPosChanging) working incorrectly too.


I have noticed the following issue at 2nd Stage:
-If you dont write an Username during second stage and you click on Enter, an
Error Message appears. This Error Message Window can be MOVED WITHOUT
problems.The Bug isnt present.
It happens also in 3rd stage (with the V2 patch):Any error message windows in
ReactOS is free of this Bug.

This is leading me to think the FLAGS has a lot to say here.

These are the lines of the DebugLog when arriving to the ReactOS Wizard in 2nd
Stage. What does this line mean?Why the number is so HIGH?

(subsystems\win32\win32k\ntuser\winpos.c:874) co_WinPosSetWindowsPos, X= 852030
Y= -2123374376 cx= -1580352204 cy= -1620195029

(subsystems\win32\win32k\ntuser\winpos.c:914) Checking returned:
NewWindow.Left= 148 NewWind.Right= 651 NewWin.Top= 93 NewWind.Bot= 507 

Here seems the coordinates X,Y,cx and cy are measured in a completly different
way.(see A) )Can anyone answer me what it is happening?

Try to resize the Taskbar,in V2 you can make it bigger,but you cant make
smaller after that.This bug isnt present in trunk.
In V4 is a little bit worse, the "phantom" window which appears before
releasing the mouse when resizing the taskbar doesnt appear.

The other Bug found:
-Open My Computer Window. Go to the bottom right corner, and pull it to try to
resize.It doesnt resize,but it gets too small(you can see just the Title bar)

E)Another Doubt.

Who is sending to the co_WinPosSetWindowPos() function the wrong X and Y
params?So i can look how are they calculated(Mouseposition-Actualposition or

F)Last Doubt.
Since i suspect about the Flags, i would like to DPRINT them. How i Print the
UINTs in a readable way?

Answering these info will lead to more info soon,or a patch ;) 

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