[ros-bugs] [Bug 5124] Kernel Debugger issue Related to Crash in RGNOBJAPI_Lock

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jimtabor <james.tabor at reactos.org> changed:

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          Component|Win32                       |Kernel
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            Summary|Crash in RGNOBJAPI_Lock     |Kernel Debugger issue
                   |                            |Related to Crash in
                   |                            |RGNOBJAPI_Lock

--- Comment #3 from jimtabor <james.tabor at reactos.org>  2010-01-19 22:06:42 CET ---
Changing this to kernel, reverting the new region cache code is not going to
happen so someone from the kernel side needs to look into fixing this. It
should be able to set per module and not the whole. That would be considered a
hack, so our debugger is a hack!

I've tried every trick I know to keep it from bug checking without prevail. The
code is conducting itself correctly and the exception is the right behavior.
Regions are cached per processes and held in the processes environment section.
The only reason it throws the exceptions when accessing attribute sections is
due to the access rights are for another processes. Again our region code is
lacking in the proper conduct when dealing with Visualized or Vis regions.
(1)These regions do not use attribute sections but we do at this time. One more
note, there is no RGN_ATTR support like for example; Brush or DC's so when
ownership is removed or added the attribute section is copied, created or
freed. Remember, regions are cached per process when removed from service, that
means not deleted unless the process cache is full.

Most applications abuse region handles and one good example of it is
OpenOffice.org. Notice it does dump "No Attr for Region handle!!!" when
installing. Since this does happen without crashing, we assume they (App
Programmers) know this. The gdi code is correct and conducting in the proper

*1 Win32k:region.c: REGION_Delete, IntGdiReleaseRaoRgn, IntGdiReleaseVisRgn and

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