[ros-dev] Using zones in NTOS

Aliberti Emanuele ea at iol.it
Wed Nov 3 22:50:48 CET 2004

KJK::Hyperion wrote:

> At 22.28 25/10/2004, you wrote:
>>> Aside from rolling your own, no. Lookaside lists would still have 
>>> the advantage of being traced and profiled
>> They seem what I need, but how do I set an upper limit in pool charge 
>> for a lookaside list?
> define your own allocator (Allocate and Free parameters to 
> ExInitializePagedLookasideList)

Really a nice solution! I can count how-much I de-/allocate and fail 
programmatically when the total is simply more than the set maximum pool 
thank you

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