[ros-dev] RE: [ros-cvs] CVS Update: reactos

Alex Ionescu ionucu at videotron.ca
Fri Nov 12 17:53:53 CET 2004

Hi Harmut,

Because the functions modify thread structures, the lock needs to be 
held, IMO.
Also, according to Microsoft documents, they suggest to hold the lock 
(they do in any case).

Best reagards,
Alex Ionescu

Hartmut Birr wrote:

>I think some of your changes in apc.c are wrong. Apc's are always thread
>local. They have nothing to do with the dispatcher database lock. The only
>locking object is the ApcQueueLock from the thread structure.
>- Hartmut
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>>Subject: [ros-cvs] CVS Update: reactos
>>Module name:	reactos
>>Repository:	reactos/ntoskrnl/ps/
>>Changes by:	ion at mok.osexperts.com	04/11/11 14:23:53
>>Modified files:
>>	reactos/include/ddk/: kefuncs.h ketypes.h 
>>	reactos/ntoskrnl/include/internal/: ke.h ps.h 
>>	reactos/ntoskrnl/ke/: apc.c process.c wait.c 
>>	reactos/ntoskrnl/mm/: marea.c virtual.c 
>>	reactos/ntoskrnl/mm/i386/: page.c 
>>	reactos/ntoskrnl/ps/: psmgr.c 
>>Log message:
>>	Kernel:
>>	- apc.c: Fixed some bugs and used Dispatcher Lock. 
>>Simplified some functions and renamed/inlined others.
>>	- wait.c: Fixed some assumptions about Dispatcher Lock 
>>and Waiting/Alertability
>>	- process.c: Fully implemented KeStackAttachProcess and 
>>KeStackDetachProcess. Made all functions use PKPROCESS and 
>>	Memory Manager: Fixed calls to 
>>KeAttachProcess/DetachProcess to typecast PKPROCESS
>>	Process Manager: Removed call to empty function in apc.c
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