[ros-dev] A call for help getting putty working

art yerkes ayerkes at speakeasy.net
Fri Nov 19 15:52:56 CET 2004

Even if another version works it'd be nice to work with it unmodified and
as compiled by the author.

1) My thoughts are twofold; putty works on wine and windows, and so a
compatible system such as reactos ought to be able to the same.  I think
having CreateDialog work right is not so much to ask.

2) We get no credibility having to port apps to run on reactos.  Sometimes
I do patch an app so i can get past a known problem by my goal is always
ultimately to run the app unpatched.  My guess is that an eventual end
user will expect the author's version to work.

Honestly I don't know if putty's author Simon Tatham has done something
wrong with the win32 api or we have, and I'm not interested in hunting
for a specific version that works.  What I am interested in is fixing
bugs in reactos that may affect some other application.  I have a feeling
that other apps may appear to fail silently but actually just be waiting
for some invisible hand to show their dialogs.  Putty should now be a
reasonable target as we theoretically implement everything it needs.

Sorry if this doesn't fit with our current development arc.  I'm getting
more resistance than I anticipated.  
Here's a simple experiment. Stand on a train track between two locomotives
which are pushing on you with equal force in opposite directions. You will
exhibit no net motion. None the less, you may soon begin to notice that
something important is happening.
-- Robert Stirniman

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