[ros-dev] Ekush.com up again

Thomas Weidenmueller w3seek at reactos.com
Mon Nov 22 13:26:00 CET 2004

magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com wrote:

>I do not trust the ekush project at all.
>I have never heard that ekush source should be merge to reactos cvs.
>it was news to me, and  do not feel confort with that. For I misstrust
>the ehuks project.
>I do not know what other feel about it
I agree, that is just untrue. No one of the ReactOS project ever agreed 
to merge anything. My personal opinion is just to let these guys drop. I 
don't want to see a single line of code of "their" project merged into 
our repository, for several reasons:

1. The lied about the origin of the code base claiming it was their's, 
including unlawful copyright misrepresentation
2. They shipped pirated and hacked binaries from Microsoft in their 
3. They haven't ever released any source code
4. Because they did the previous 3 things, I don't trust them at all. 
Who knows if they even used leaked sources from M$?

I doubt that even if there was the slightest piece of trust and we were 
sure about "clean" sources they have, it would be worth co-operating 
with them at all.

Whatever happens, I'm going to vote against co-operating with those 
morons and also against merging any stuff into our code base.

My 2 cents...

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