[ros-dev] Idea to protect ReactOS

Freeworld michael at freeworld.net
Mon Nov 22 20:10:26 CET 2004

What about this cursor? It's just a dirty try.

Greetings Michael
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> > With the issue of Ekush  talking about sending us patches 
> > once they publish thier code and what not I as many of you 
> > are worried about being tainted, I have an idea, but I don't 
> > know how safe it is from a GPL stand point (I know nothing of 
> > the GPL)  here's the idea, when we get patches that are 
> > questionable from *any* source,  we send MS a copy of the 
> > suggested patch,  and request they compare it with thier code 
> > to see if it is differant or  the same as thier Windows code, 
> >  if MS comes back and says it's teh same we delete the patch 
> > and move on...
> > 
> > I know this idea sounds bad but we need to discuss a plan for 
> > any potential tainting and how we'd deal with it, please if 
> > you don't like my idea then please by all means suggest 
> > something else.
> It is not Microsofts job to check that our code doesn't violate
> IP laws. Just opening a support request at Microsoft is about
> $580 (at least here in Denmark; it has been several months since
> I've done that though). Do you really think they will look through
> our source code for free?
> We are better off using common sense and not accepting large
> patches. The source code doesn't even have to be from Microsoft
> in order to violate IP laws.
> Btw. can someone design a new mouse pointer. Our mouse pointer is
> 100% equal to the Windows XP one.
> Casper
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