[ros-dev] ELF mapping support for ntoskrnl, for anybody who is interested (untested)

KJK::Hyperion noog at libero.it
Thu Nov 25 17:01:55 CET 2004

At 13.57 25/11/2004, you wrote:
>I have attached a elf.h file (to be put into the toplevel include 
>directory) with ELF structures/constants and a patch for 
>ntoskrnl/mm/section.c which should add support for mapping ELF files with 
>NtCreateSection. It is completly untested I think.

I'll try to commit this into a branch. I have a couple of Wine binaries I 
can test

>We also have to port a runtime linker (rtld)

I doubt we'll need this. I'll try to add support for querying the 
interpreter name, but I don't think we really need this for Win32. POSIX 
maybe (hence a way to query an ELF image section for the interpreter name), 
but for Win32 I think we're stretching it enough at supporting ELF at all. 
Then again I don't really know what runtime linkers are for 

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