[ros-dev] (gethostbyname and gethostname) needed for DHCP Server

Carlos Manuel Duclos Vergara carlos at embedded.cl
Thu Oct 7 10:39:39 CEST 2004

> Hello,


> Arty and I played around a bit with the busybox dhcpd for Windows and I
> was able to get it to run under Wine and give a address to my IP phone
> and Art said that it should work under ReactOS once we implement
> gethostbyname and gethostname. Does anyone want to take a stab at
> implementing these? Art has said that a good deal of the functionality
> is implemented in dnsapi.

if you accept a little contribution from my part, I will take a look on that.
But as I'm not familiar with ReactOS, where this should be implemented?
I looked at your main site for some architectural documentation, but I found 
none :-( (probably my fault) Is there any architectural specification?


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