[ros-dev] Ros 0.2.6-RC2 on sf.net

Waldo Alvarez Cañizares wac at lab.matcom.uh.cu
Mon Apr 4 18:47:31 CEST 2005

Hi Robert:
Yes 7Zip compresses sometimes (most of the times) more than WinRAR. In fact as far as I know they both use the same algorithm for text compression. 7Zip has 3 compression algorithms so you could try all and see for yourself. It also supports streams so you can compress things from the output of one of the algorithms and make it the input of the other. For example to compress executables you could use jcc and it´s output pass it to LZMA. It also provides larger dictionaries if you want. WinRAR´s maximun size is 4 MB so usually WinRaR files are larger. When it comes about speed WinRAR is faster. But I guess that´s irrelevant right now. On the other side I think that sourceforge someday should be enhanced to give users the option to download the files in the selected format, maybe providing a link to the decompressor. Maybe I fill someday the feature request form for sourceforge It will save us and maybe will save them some time.
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Having read your comments, I came to this conclusion:

I'll have a try with 7zip and if it compresses slightly less or better
than rar, I'll use 7zip (because it is free). For a test period I'll
provide both, zip and 7zip/rar and the user may decide which one will
win. Additionally I'll provide a file 'how to decompress.txt' in every
release. Wheras I think, people who come to download an OS know enough
to find one theirselves.  Making exe-files is still an option but I
don't like it. So you have to convince me.
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