[ros-dev] Short leave of absence

art yerkes ayerkes at speakeasy.net
Wed Apr 6 05:08:27 CEST 2005

On Wed, 6 Apr 2005 09:34:25 +0200
"Casper Hornstrup" <ch at csh-consult.dk> wrote:

> Will you ever knowledge that rewriting large parts of ReactOS in your working copy
> causes all sorts of problems, and start getting the changes into the repository in
> smaller chunks or will you ignore these problems and continue to do this in the
> future?
> Casper

I still don't see the huge deal here.  What's so wrong with dumping code in a branch
until it gets ripe?
Here's a simple experiment. Stand on a train track between two locomotives
which are pushing on you with equal force in opposite directions. You will
exhibit no net motion. None the less, you may soon begin to notice that
something important is happening.
-- Robert Stirniman

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