[ros-dev] Re: [ros-foundation] ReactOS Foundation 501c3 Status - Approved

Royce Mitchell III royce3 at ev1.net
Thu Apr 7 10:12:58 CEST 2005

Steven Edwards wrote:

>I would like to propose that we get something up rather quickly on foundation.reactos.org and
>review/amend the draft bylaws as needed as well as have our first real meeting after Jason and I
>have discussed off list drafting a new budget plan for the following expenses.
I think it's important to draw a clear line as to the responsibilities 
of the board as opposed to things that should be decided by all 
commiters ( vs things that the community at large should be invited into ).

>80% developers/bounties
>5% reserve fund (Mutual Funds, Savings, Etc)
>5% legal reserve and retainer costs
>5% supplement hosting and misc expenses (expos etc)
>5% part-to-full time administrative assistant to help me manage paper work as I suck at it.
I'm not sure percentages are going to serve you very well here.

As far as bounties go, I can think of only one fair system:

Basically there would be two types of bounties:

1) "Directed" bounties: If someone donates money towards the completion 
of a purpose, the money must be made available for that purpose.

2) "General Funds" bounties: These are bounties created from the budget 
above. The way I propose this should work is as follows: Anyone with 
commit access can "propose" a bounty. The board would be responsible for 
reviewing the bounty, and if it looks good to them ( possibly amending 
it some ), they would submit it to the body of commiters for approval. 
Obviously the board would be responsible for reigning in the bounties 
from going over budget.

>Prior board meetings mainly consisted of me telephoning each board member upon the initial
>incorporation and we have not really moved forward since that time. Now that we are all nice and
>legal its time to hit the ground running. Currently our board of directors consists of long time
>developers to ReactOS and Wine
>Steven Edwards, Jason Filby, Alexandre Julliard, Brian Palmer and Rex Jolliff.
>I would like to get community feedback as part of our bylaw amending process on the current status
>of the board and when/if we should hold elections and restructure. Also from people that agreed to
>be on the board. Do you still want to do it? Does anyone else? Etc....
I would like to be involved in the by-law development process, or at 
least be able to review them and give some feedback. I would be willing 
to serve on the board, if I'm wanted.

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