[ros-dev] Loopback problem

TwoTailedFox twotailedfox at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 20:31:49 CET 2005

You guys must be ACK'd off with this ;)

On 12/21/05, Phillip Susi <psusi at cfl.rr.com> wrote:
> Ge van Geldorp wrote:
> > Ok, so it seems that the sending side is correct in holding back the packet.
> > In ReactOS the problem then is that the ACK is delayed for too long. I've
> > checked the delayed ACK path. Basically we fire a timer every 0.5 sec to do
> > cleanup tasks. Only one of every 5 of these timer ticks is passed on to the
> > oskittcp lib (routine TCPTimeout only calls TimerOskitTCP on every 5th
> > tick). This means that the oskittcp routine tcp_fasttimo() which is
> > responsible for sending delayed ACKs is only called every 2.5 sec, which
> > corresponds exactly to the delays in the loop.c test program I posted
> > earlier.
> >
> The delayed ACK is also correct behavior.  Since there is plenty of room
> left in the window, the ACK is supposed to be delayed so it can ACK
> further data with one packet.
> > So, the solution seems to be to call tcp_fasttimo() more often. Question is
> > how often? There's a comment in the accompanying tcp_slowtimo() that it
> > should be called every 500ms. So I guess tcp_fasttimo() should be called
> > substantially more often than that?
> >
> This is not the solution.
> >> To avoid any confusion, you can switch nagling off with the
> >> TCP_NODELAY flag
> >
> > Haven't checked yet if we implement this.
> >
> My current conclusion is that mozilla is poorly behaved because it sends
> one byte at a time.  Heck, it shouldn't even be using tcp/ip for local
> IPC.  You might want to file a bug with them on this issue.  Sending
> larger data blocks will be FAR more efficient, however, it should not be
> as bad as you are reporting as long as they do set the TCP_NODELAY flag.
>   If they do set that flag and ReactOS does not correctly implement it,
> that would explain why it works ok on windows and not ReactOS.
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