[ros-dev] PC offered with ReactOS preinstalled?

Sarocet Sarocet at spymac.com
Fri Dec 23 18:49:46 CET 2005

Yes, they sell it (i'm from Spain too).
It seems to be a company that builds computers and its selling them by the 
net (probably also in a shop).
They are selling it with ReactOS to have better prices (they sell it with 
WinXP for 1.300 pesos more)
It's strange they say in the article that the monitor is not included but in 
the questions they talk that it is included.
They also say that it is sold configured and working, with manuals and 
drivers. How do they got it work? I see difficult to make ROS 0.2.8 work 
with the 6 channel Realtek for HomeTheater, for example. Not to talk about 
the AGP 8x, when the user will try to install a graphic target the drivers 
will probably fail.
He says he has included ROS info but i can't found it.

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This is looking like a Quick-Buck Site.

Setup for Office 2003 may well fork ar first, but when a customer
tries to get any further than that, they'll be in for a bit of a shock

On 12/23/05, Filip Navara <xnavara at volny.cz> wrote:
> Filip Navara wrote:
> > Juan Rodriguez wrote:
> >
> >> Well, i'm from spain and yes, they are offering ReactOS 0.2.8 with
> >> OpenOffice 1.1.4 and Nero Burning Rom, as an alternative to winxp and
> >> 1300 pesos (102 €) more
> >
> > It's not from spain or at least I wasn't informed that they moved
> > Spain into Mexico now... I guess I should watch the news more often.
> Err, forget me, I should learn to read first. :-)
> - Filip

BTW: Magnus i don't think you really need to request 2-3 more days for 
changelog, since you received Ged email a week before it was sent (quoted 22 
Dec mail with date 15 Dec). Please, teach us how to do these things as well 
(or you could prefer checking your system datetime ;-) ). 

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