[ros-dev] ReactOS DOS subsystem

AzeemArif azeemarif at gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 12:10:15 CET 2005

Hello ROS-Devs,

I've been sharing some thoughts about DOS subsystem on ReactOS forum. I 
am pasting my last post 
(http://reactos.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=2864#2864 ) 
here for your comments


I am back with my silly posts Smile

But this time, after seriously reading and experimenting with FreeDos 
and DosEmu code.

As many people suggested FreeDOS as an option to run as ReactOS 
subsystem, I concentrated more on FreeDOS.

Something I came to know are

1) We need ReactOS DOS/Win16 subsystem so that we can run 16bit DOS 
applications on ReactOS.

2) FreeDOS itself is 16bit system

3) Compiling FreeDOS code with 32bit compiler is so difficult that it 
gave birth to a new project FreeDOS-32 (I tried compiling FreeDOS code 
with MinGW with no success)

4) FreeDOS-32 is in its infancy. Currently it can't even run simple DOS 

5) DOSEmu is really slow

Please give your valuable suggestions.

AcetoliNe: I agree with your last post.

(ReactOS IRC channel - "azar")
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