[ros-dev] A Request (Direct3d)

Maarten Bosma Maarten.Paul at bosma.de
Sat Feb 5 23:39:22 CET 2005


I worked on direct3d for ros last year. But nothing useful came out. The 
problem is in "subsys/win32k/ntddraw/*.c". There are a some functions, 
which need to be implemented. They are called by DirectX and just pass 
the call to the display diver. Should be easily to implement - but not 
for me.

I think it would be a real milestone for ReactOs, if a experienced 
kernel hacker would implement this, because the coder of the code that 
is already there "Peter Bajusz" had also coded a basic direct3d 
implementation about a year ago, that ran under winxp, but not under 
ros, because of this. (see old mailinglist arrive)

However... I found out Peters new email address. He said that had to no 
time to work on it, but it still would be a huge step.

Maarten Bosma

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