[ros-dev] Re:[ros-svn] [ion] 12748: Fix incorrect LPC Object export...we export pointers not the object itself! Also remove more TIME stuf

Emanuele Aliberti ea at iol.it
Mon Jan 3 19:22:55 CET 2005

Alex Ionescu wrote:

> Apoligies accepted.
This, once again, suggests to add detailed comments to code changes when 
committing, or fixing a commit one assumes is wrong. I, first of all, 
had to say I had changed the type of LpcPortObjectType because of the 
w32api header and the fact that DATA symbols are pointers. When I saw 
the excerpts from the DDK headers posted by Filip, I realized I was 
fooled by a wrong definition. I should have checked that first! I assume 
these two definitions *are* different, aren't they?

extern POBJECT_TYPE *IoFileObjectType; /* <- Official DDK headers */
extern NTOSAPI POBJECT_TYPE IoFileObjectType; /* <- W32API headers */

Alex, you say, in another reply, we will build soon ros using the w32api 
headers. If so, should this be fixed?

Emanuele Aliberti

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