[ros-dev] Re: New OS built on ReactOS and WinuxOS technology!

Oliver Schneider Borbarad at gmxpro.net
Mon Jun 6 20:05:13 CEST 2005

> Then we should go through every file in svn and add an appropriate
> copyright notice. Many files containing original code don't have an
> appropriate copyright notice. We should also require this for all future
> changes.
Indeed. I can only tell how we do it in certain JEDI projects. 

1. The name of the current module (title)
2. Any copyrights (all authors, whether active or not, being mentioned)
3. Project information. For ROS it would be something like
   Obtained through ReactOS project. You may find the latest version of
   this module at http://reactos. ...
4. License terms (with reference to the GPL which is anyway included as a
   text file). If multiple licenses, then for each one such clause.

This works quite well and gives all files a standard look. Every author
decides himself whether a change was worth the mentioning in the header
(e.g. usually changing the case of a variable won't qualify for a copyright
notice - just common sense ;-).


PS: Nevertheless it sounded in Alex' mail that he *had* his copyright
properly included. Which on the other hand means that removal of it *was
already an illegal act* itself. This is not touched in any way by the
missing copyright notices you mentioned, Casper.

May the source be with you, stranger ;)

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