[ros-dev] Pissoff hotlix

KJKHyperion hackbunny at reactos.com
Mon Jun 27 23:43:26 CEST 2005

Quandary wrote:

>  And that's my point exactly -- you'd need a lawyer to interpret that, 
and ultimately it's the judge who makes the final decision

nope. In these matters, the copyright holder basically owns your ass. We 
can revoke all rights to anyone we please. Copyleft is just good 
manners, copyright is the law. Remember this already happened: a fork of 
OpenBSD was killed by license termination in response to copyright 
misrepresentation - and, boy, does it take a special brand of stupidity 
to manage to violate a BSD license

That said, the Hostilix people have no shame and no fear; they are 
well-known copyright violators (their WinuxOS was a repackaged Windows 
2000, wasting SourceForge's bandwidth too) and are doing their best to 
alienate us; they are a bunch of loser punk posers who embarass the 
whole OS-development scene. Let them get away with it, they are 
do-no-good hacks and nothing can punish them worse than simply existing. 
Hostilix will die naturally from the complete lack of any form of skill 
on the part of the pathetic clowns who conceived it

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