[ros-dev] What Happened

Nate DeSimone desimn at rpi.edu
Thu Feb 9 17:33:11 CET 2006

Murphy, Ged (Bolton) wrote:
> This email has single handidly stopped all development of ReactOS for the
> past 2 weeks and has the potential of holding the project up for a year or
> two. It's safe to say the project has been in trouble of dying off
> completely.
I know and its a real shame too, before this happened ReactOS was 
actually starting to become somewhat functional as an OS.  I personally 
would rather you guys keep your infighting to yourselves for now on 
given how much trouble it has caused.

And before anyone starts talking about ReactOS shutting out other 
developers, take a look at the Mozilla Firefox team and how open they 
are to the Firefox community.  They won't even allow new developers to 
enter the project unless "they like their code."  ReactOS clearly is 
much more open to its community.

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