[ros-dev] What Happened

Brandon Turner turnerb7 at msu.edu
Mon Feb 13 17:36:30 CET 2006

I have said it before and I will say it again.... this time around 
please actually read what I am saying and think about it.   We are not 
hiding anything, we arent trying to cover anything up.  We don't use 
this private mailing list that much even.  You took someones simple 
comment and have blwon it way out of proportion.  In general all we 
talked about how we are going to do the audit and what needs to be done 
during the audit.  For example we discussed a new way to carry out the 
audit, and now we are voting on it and all details are known to the 
public.  It is nothing special, however some of it is imcrimnating in a 
sense to some people and they dont want it to be known the public.  
Whats so wrong with that? 


Brian wrote:

> >Fourth: Re: dirty laundry.  This is almost a non-starter.  Yes, some
> >things were said that caused a bit of an uproar.  Yes, the project is
> >being held up in some respects.  On the other hand, we have enough
> >people here who care enough to give voice to their opinions AND who care
> >enough to see the project succeed that the idea that "dirty laundry"
> >being aired in public being a bad thing is absurd.  The results say
> >otherwise.  Politics has NO place in an engineering project.  None.
> >Ever.  Don't let the idea of politics creep in and kill an otherwise
> >wonderful thing.
> >Fifth:  Personal attacks here are without doubt, worthless.  This is a
> >list for developers, coders, and engineers.  To call someone's attitude
> >ridiculous goes right back into my previous statement about politics.
> I agree hole-heartedly.
> "Need-To-Know" is a governments way of admiting to its people that its 
> got a problem (its screwed up). Just how many people where reading the 
> dev list when the laundry bag was emptyed. If someone wanted to know, 
> i'de just email-em the back copys of the offending email. but im not 
> about "who's got the biggest sword", so, if this is just about hiding 
> sh*t, its too late for that.
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