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Magnus Olsen magnus at itkonsult-olsen.com
Mon Feb 13 20:38:08 CET 2006

We are a open source project
all project even open source have private mails and talk about thing need deal with and that info are not ready yet to be release to public until we know how to deal with the stitautsion. I was thinking of harthumt mail. That info should have been release to public when we need to know what need to be done. thx to that mail the whole ros devloping have stop. Until we know how to countine on this project. and what rules shall be applay. 

if u are not happy with private mail and talk betwin devloper. then 

Go to hell and stop mailing. People like u and other. I often wonder if it wort to stay in reactos. some devloper have talk into me to stay in reactos.

What I am doing in my work and private time is person info, and I only release some part about my self.  

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  I am real sorry, but i believe that you have mis-read my comment, and have blown it compleatly out of control...

  >For example we discussed a new way to carry out the
  >audit, and now we are voting on it and all details are known to the 

  you can't justify the hidding of this information in the first place. Quite the oppose, it would have been more apporpreate to keep this compleately public.

  >It is nothing special, however some of it is imcrimnating in a 
  >sense to some people and they dont want it to be known the public.

  Unless this is their personal information (wtf would that be doin in exchange between devs of a public project), if they broke the law regarding ReactOS, a 'open' project, they are inclined to publish the details. 

  friend of ReactOS


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