[ros-dev] ***SPAM*** Goodbye Everyone...

Richard eek2121 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 15 23:46:05 CET 2006

Well, it's been fun, however i believe it is time for me to leave.  
ReactOS really has fallen to pieces and it's going to take a long time 
(years) to get things back on track.  What really annoys me about this 
entire thing is that waaay back in the earlier days of ROS (before 0.1) 
Things were fun.  Nothing worked, but things were fun.  Development on 
ROS was actually HAPPENING (I know this because I myself was part of 
it).  Since then things started changing.  New developers appeared, a 
lot of flame wars were breaking out, etc.  I stayed on the list, pitched 
in my 2 cents, etc.  Though i stopped coding for the most part.  Now it 
turns out that developers were using dirty room reverse engineering 
tactics, or have had access to the source code.  I almost left then, but 
i figured i'd give it a little bit longer and see what happens.  Now I 
see a bunch of arguing on the mailing list, ROS development has stopped, 
and I'm doubting it'll resume again for a long time, and things have 
just pretty well fallen apart.  Even IF the audit is completed, ROS will 
likely be in pieces.  It will NEVER be at the level it was before the audit.

Anyways, I believe it is time to start anew.  New project, different 
name, different goals.

Until Then,

Richard Campbell
ReactOS Developer and Long Time Fan

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