[ros-dev] About translation

Lucio Diaz reactos_translate at yahoo.es
Tue Apr 17 02:08:02 CEST 2007

First of All: The message is not in the wrong list,
but directed to developers.

A few facts about translators:

-Most are not programmers or they would be coding the
OS, just powerusers, or just users.

-Many like me can install SVN, and get the source
code, but never have made a patch, or even used
bugzilla(and probably wont have the time).

Now the matter:

Actually the process of translating reactos, or even
the web page is difficult, and for me it have been
frustrating. I started following the project in the
0.1.9 version, and about two years ago i tried to help
in the translation of ReactOS, and later in the
translation of the web page, but with little success.
I have the SVN, i got the code, i translated some
files, but sending them to bugzilla... i dont know how
to send them to bugzilla, i dont have a bugzilla
acount, it was tiring trying to find someone to send
the files, and i dont have the time or will to learn
bugzilla. So time passed, and no translation was made.
Something similar happened when i tried to translate
the web page, i got translator access, but after
making some translations, and sending it, i never saw
it applied (probably i was doing something wrong, but
never knew what).

Almost two years have passed from that time, i have a
hard job, and little free time, but still i wish to
help. I feel there are other translators in my
situation, as i see people that offer to help, but
never comes back.

So here is what i believe could be a solution:

The possible solution:

Html have an option to include code "as is", thus a
wiki should have that option.

-make a script that makes html files of all the rc
-Add a page in the wiki (or another wiki) where those
html files are displayed.
-Anyone can get read access to them.
-There is an easy way to get write access to that
-Translator teams for each language are created...
with a cordinator for each language (they give write
access to other translators).
-Translator access the rc files, that are in wiki
format, and edit them.
-Every week developers run a script to build rc files
from the html wiki files in each language.

Result: a translation effort, easy, coordinated, with 
minimal need of learning technical stuff and many
developers that wont be molested by translators who
want their translations added to the svn.


Lucio Diaz.

PD: Please comment.

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