[ros-dev] Explorer startup crash since r33366

Colin Finck mail at colinfinck.de
Fri May 9 01:20:00 CEST 2008

Hi everybody,

I tracked down the Explorer startup crash we experience since r33366 and
came to some weird results.
First of all, this crash also occurs when testing under Windows. Also
Explorer runs well when it's compiled with MSVC using the supplied
"explorer.sln" file.

Then I put MessageBoxes to some code pathes to track down, where the crash
The weird thing is: It fails in the IconCache code (which doesn't even
handle strings, so shouldn't be affected by Unicode at all).

Just put a MessageBox at explorer.cpp:389 and then after _icons[ICID_NONE]
was assigned. You will see that the second message box won't appear.
You can also put a MessageBox in the Icon constructor, it won't be shown

So what's going wrong here?
Bug in our mingw startup routine, memory corruption, bug in gcc, ...? I'm
out of ideas.

Best regards,


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