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Timo Kreuzer timo.kreuzer at web.de
Mon Mar 9 02:20:57 CET 2009

I would even like to go one step further in the long run.

The current situation is that rosbuild takes about 10 minutes for a
build. With adding more code and more modules to our codebase, this time
will increase. If we wanted to do something like auto-rejecting commits
that break build it would lock the commit process for this time on every

Also as we get more developers and maybe start forming teams or
whatever, things will get problematic with our current "monolithic"

We should think of changing the build process, so that not the whole
system is rebuild everytime someone changes one module.
We currently treat reactos like one huge module, but it isn't. It's a
bunch of more or less independent things. A change in a usermode dll
should not lead to an notskrnl recompile, it just doesn't make sense and
only wastes time.

I think it would be better to seperate the components from each other as
much as possible and only compile the modules that have been changed.

Of cause all modules somehow depend on each other, but mostly through
well defined interfaces. These are exposed by the headers and import
libraries. And those 2 are the problem atm.
It might be a good idea to completely separate the sdk from the os
itself. The sdk would contain both the headers and the spec files to
build the import libraries. If we made sure these are in a good shape,
we would eleminate most interdependencies as they should only rarely change.

We could try to split the current reactos tree into seperate trees,
maybe like this:
sdk: headers, import library definitions, crt
core: rtl, freeldr, hal, ntoskrnl, boot drivers, ntdll, smss
drivers: other hardware drivers
win32core: win32k, video drivers, gdi32, user32, csrss
win32dll: the other win32 dlls
sound: everything related to sound
network: everything related to network

Some of these trees could be optional, like network, sound, reactx
It might even allow to create a bootable core system without win32
stuff, booting into a simple native console.
Working with branches might as well profit from this.

Just my 2 cents,

Aleksey Bragin wrote:
> I'll explain his idea.
> The idea he would likes to propose is to separate the mess inside
> rosapps, and provide a clear division of what goes where:
> 1. trunk/reactos contains ONLY stuff which is vital for the system to
> work minimally. Including explorer, GUI, and things like that, but
> without calculator, solitaire, or anything like that.
> 2. rosapps - components similar to those present in Windows, but not
> vital for the boot process.
> 3. addons - components, which are additional to the base set of apps
> and drivers Windows ships with.
> Comments are welcome on his idea.
> My own comment is that the idea seems to recall what we originally
> been discussing a year or more ago, but stopped caring as more devs
> got more powerful PCs. There is no strict solution on what goes where
> now, actually that's why his idea started - he proposed to move winver
> and winhlp back to trunk, and I was arguing over it.
> WBR,
> Aleksey Bragin.
> On Mar 8, 2009, at 7:02 PM, Zachary Gorden wrote:
>> Huh?  The rosapps module isn't included by default in the build to
>> begin with, so how does it decrease build time?  Also, the
>> applications in there are supposed to be providing equivalent
>> functionality found in Windows.  Downloader is an exception, but what
>> else is?
>> On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 8:00 AM, Dmitry Chapyshev <lentind at yandex.ru>
>> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I suggest to divide rosapps on two parts:
>> 1) Components which are present in Windows (rosapps)
>> 2) 3rd party components (3rdapps)
>> In rosapps it is necessary to place all components without which the
>> system can normally work (calc, hh, winhlp32, charmap, games and etc)
>> In 3rdapps components which are not present in Windows (downloader,
>> imagesoft and etc) will take places
>> Such placing of components will allow to reduce compilation time as you
>> can not compile not the modules necessary to you (rosapps and/or
>> 3rdapps)
>> Please tell your opinion on my proposition.
>> -- 
>> WBR,
>> Dmitry Chapyshev
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