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Timo Kreuzer timo.kreuzer at web.de
Wed Mar 25 19:45:13 CET 2009


The web test interface is great! <3 <3 <3

Some suggestions:
1) The "compare now" button looks a bit misplaced. It should rather be
directly above or below the selections and the "compare last 2 results"
should be directly right to it. The complete search block might be put
there where the "compare now" button is currently.
2) Maybe regressions (+failed) could be made red rather than green,
don't know how this would fit with the red background though ;)
... well just an idea to distinguish good from bad results.
3) I'd like the webtest manager to be above the results in one page - or
the results below the interface - like in Lone_Rifles version. (maybe as
an option) That way I only need one tab in the browser and don't need 2
tabs or even windows and opening a new for every new compare.
I guess it should be no problem to use the full frame below the rectos
left side menu.


PS: next time just give a hint about the changes on the ml first, and
everybody is happy ;)

Colin Finck schrieb:
> Hello everybody,
> As you might have noticed, I recently did some changes to our Website stuff
> and Regression Testing System.
> Finally, it's time to show some results now:
> == BuildBot upgrade ==
> Christoph reinstalled the latest version of BuildBot on our Swedish server
> today, since the previous server system was way too old for such an upgrade.
> This also had the uncomfortable side-effect of the BuildBot URL changing
> from http://reactos.org:8010 to http://build.reactos.org:8010, which most of
> you already seem to have noticed ;-)
> Sorry for not giving a note about this before.
> I thought I could just finish my stuff and then write this E-Mail explaining
> all changes, but as always, it took longer than expected :-/
> == Crash Recovery in rosautotest and sysreg2 ==
> In the recent days, I rewrote rosautotest in C++ for getting a more
> maintainable code. This update also added a Crash Recovery feature.
> Together with my updated version of sysreg2, we can now resume the testing
> process with the next test in case a specific test made ReactOS crash.
> == Web Test Interface ==
> As we recently set up a new VM, which will eventually replace our current
> outdated www.reactos.org server, I finally had a playground for my third
> component of our testing system: The "testman" Web Interface.
> It is available at
> Features include finding specific test results through a getbuilds-like
> interface and comparing them.
> The Comparison feature can compare up to 5 results side-by-side and show the
> differences. Clicking on "Show only changed results" will only show the
> lines that have differences. You can also use Drag & Drop to move the column
> headers with all associated results to get the table to look like you want
> it.
> Clicking a test result will show details, including a log of this specific
> test.
> Just play around with it a bit and you should easily get to know about all
> features.
> Regarding Lone_Rifle's interface at http://reactos.nxserve.net: From what he
> told me, this one was only meant as a decentral alternative as long as we
> don't have "testman" on an official server.
> I'm saying this, so nobody gets the impression that I just wanted to
> extinguish his work with my implementation. If some people prefer
> Lone_Rifle's version over mine, it would just need to be adjusted to the new
> BuildBot URL and those people could still use it.
> Comments and suggestions are welcome of course.
> Not everything works perfect yet (e.g. the Debug Buildslave needs quite some
> time now as all tests are run), but it should be ready for you to try now.
> Best regards,
> Colin
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