[ros-dev] Recent changes

Timo Kreuzer timo.kreuzer at web.de
Thu Mar 26 01:10:23 CET 2009

Colin Finck schrieb:
>> Some suggestions:
>> 1) The "compare now" button looks a bit misplaced. It should rather be
>> directly above or below the selections and the "compare last 
>> 2 results"
>> should be directly right to it. The complete search block might be put
>> there where the "compare now" button is currently.
> Well, the idea behind this is: Do all the selections on the left and then
> click "Compare now" on the right to do the comparison.
> Therefore the search box is also on the left, since you can do selections
> there as well.
> I don't have an idea how you want the search box including all the results
> on the right.... that would exceed the resolution of the widest wide screen
> ;-)
Ok I got it now. Didn't try the search so far...
Now with the search you have 2 lists of revisions. IMO one list should
be sufficient. Just put the search form there, initialize it with the
revision range of the last 5 revisions and dispay these below. I added a
screenie, I think it optimizes the interface a little. Just an idea....

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