[ros-dev] Regarding moderator status in the Forums.

chris harney christopher57 at optusnet.com.au
Mon Nov 23 04:27:57 CET 2009

I know its none of my business but why isn't nute banned for the ReactOS 
forums? ( or from the whole bloody planet! lol )
he adds nothing to the forums or the ReactOS project.

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> Hi,
> as already said in the #reactos-dev IRC Chat yesterday I, too, think Z98
> is right
> (http://reactos.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=7634&start=75#p67090),
> this is not how a real mod has to behave. But this criticism counts for
> him, me and all others in the privileged teams IMO! I know that some of
> my behavior is more childish than anything else you could call useful
> and professional, but I ask you, what ways to tidy the forums up, do I
> have, except gallows humor and sarcasm? Lets explain what evilness I did
> this time again. Every day on my way to university I sit in the train,
> start Opera Mini on my Mobile and run through the forums to do my job
> and in recent times more an more posts with harmful and destructive
> meaning occur. Most are from our well known troll-friend nute, but there
> are other flaws right now, too. For example the newly registered
> members, who write one post with SPAM in their signature and hope that
> noone of the Mods recognizes it, but this is another story. OK, back to
> the main story. I looked trough his "When will Version 0.3.blablubb
> finally be done you lame, useless dumbasses of so called Devs"-post,
> which I already moved to Off Topic because his unintentional negative
> influence does not belong to the General Forums IMO. Well, I know the
> very last warning spoken by Z98 against me in the very same Thread and
> realized that the same behavior he accused from both sides reoccurs
> after just two days. Flaming and Bashing from both sides again... Well,
> I lock topics and get bashed, I warn ppl and get bashed, I rename a
> thread which has nothing to do with any Version 0.4.11 talk and more is
> meant as a battleaxe against the forum and the project and get bashed
> too, so I decided to do nothing except a good amount of sarcasm and
> properly renamed the Thread to "nute's private playground" which it was
> anyway at that time. Well, I had nothing to loose. All my steps would
> have resulted in bashing anyway, so I chose the funniest path. Some
> subjects in the forums play with us and noone cares. They spread crap
> about us, which could even harm our image and noone cares! And if I dare
> to try to sentence disciplinary actions, I get kicked from above. Well,
> why should I behave like a real mod pretending to be one? I have lost
> all power over the forums, because our own hierarchy fights against me.
> I have as much power in there like all others users, because most of my
> steps and actions are being reverted or openly criticised anyway. God
> its fucking frustrating to have no ways to moderate the forum at all,
> but being called mod! If we do not finally start to spread some
> authority in the forums and stop to always see the good person in such
> harmful subjects without the minimum of aggression needed to be a Mod
> IMO or giving mods like me ways to do their job without anyone always
> falling in their back, we can close down the forums immediately anyway.
> Psychotic trolls like nute and more than enough others need limits,
> otherwise they dance on our nose as they do right now and a hierarchical
> system which fights itself is no way to get this done. It did not work
> in the Weimarer Republik and won't work for us, too.
> OK this had to be said, now kick me, degrade me, whatever you think is
> best, but please finally do it once and for all, please. Only the best
> for Project counts! I don't care what happens to me as long as we get
> this problem solved. With or without me as mod. Have fun.
> Daniel "dreimer" Reimer
> (still for some last seconds) ReactOS Forum Moderator Team Member
> ReactOS Build Environment for Windows Coordinator
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