[ros-dev] Roadmap I'm sticking to

Aleksey Bragin aleksey at reactos.org
Thu Apr 8 14:54:29 CEST 2010

yesterday we had a usual rant in #reactos-dev regarding organization,  
teaming and development issues, and I explained how I see it. I think  
explaining and discussing here would be beneficial.

I won't spend your time explaining how I came to this roadmap, I will  
go right to it. This roadmap is mainly usage-oriented and doesn't  
cover the kernel (it has its own one).

* Finish wine-based subsystem ("arwinss"), fixing all internal  
(absent in Wine and/or trunk) bugs.
Milestone 1: user32 and gdi32 known to work and support at least all  
the apps listed in the Wine app compat database.
* Test as many as possible apps known to work in Wine and determine  
those which fail.
* Fix failing components (kernel32, ntdll, kernel, CSR, non-synced  
DLLs, etc).
Milestone 2: ReactOS supporting quite wide amount of applications,  
including major apps like MS Office suites, Open Office, CAD systems,  
Adobe products.
Decision point: Because other Win32 components are proven to work, NT- 
alike user32, gdi32 and win32k development may be boosted, testing  
* Implement filesystem drivers, using fastfat_new as a universal  
skeleton for FS drivers. Use ntfs3g library and that skeleton to  
develop an NTFS IFS driver.
Milestone 3: ReactOS with NTFS support (quite important for end  
users, thus separated into a standalone milestone).
* Total rewrite of networking, using NT's one as a model.
Milestone 4: ReactOS with a rock-stable networking. Ability to host  
database servers, web and FTP servers.
* Release 1.0 and profit ;)

So that's what I'm sticking to so far. I don't expect everyone to  
agree, but if more people are involved, achieving these milestones  
will happen faster. Also, they don't really have to go in a sequence,  
all of that may be done simulteneously (e.g. filesystem drivers must  
be developed against Windows 2003; kernel32 and ntdll could be fixed  
first using winetests without waiting for arwinss to be complete;  
networking could be again tested in existing ReactOS and Windows).

Comments, improvements are welcome.

Aleksey Bragin.

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