[ros-dev] lwIP testing request

Gregor Schneider grschneider at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 17:15:21 UTC 2011

Hi altogether,

I just tried second ISO and got to say that the download performance using
lwip is marvellous. Great work Claudiu, Art & Cameron!
One minor quirk was the corrupted Firefox 5 download, but that might have
been due to other components and not lwip itself.

Apart from downloads, basically nothing in ReactOS works which is quite
These are some of the problems I encountered:
rapps.exe -> internet & network -> firefox 5 -> file corrupt after download
rapps.exe -> internet & network -> firefox 3.0 -> not enough disk space
minimizing rapps.exe gives ~10 riched20 assertions
rapps.exe -> internet & network -> firefox 3.6 -> nothing happens (link
rapps.exe -> games -> LGeneral -> SDL.dll cannot be found after
installation, user mode crash

Best regards,
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