[ros-general] VMware

Ge van Geldorp ge at gse.nl
Mon Dec 15 16:45:05 CET 2003

> From: Lorenzo
> I tried to boot up ReactOS 1.0.5 using VMware. I tell VMware 
> to use the ReactOS ISO as an image for the CDROM device. When 
> I boot the virtual machine, the freeloader on the ISO CD ROM 
> is started, but it crashes immediately. How is possible to 
> run ReactOS on VMware?

When you created your virtual machine, you probably set the harddisk to
be a SCSI harddisk. Change your harddisk to be an IDE disk and things
should go better.

> (Bochs is toooo slow...)

Yes, it is :(

Gé van Geldorp.

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