[ros-general] Re: copy protection - was: Re: Is it time for playing games on WINE?

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 17:11:58 CET 2003

Hello Jan!
--- Jan Kratochvil <lace at jankratochvil.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 20:19:45 +0100, Raphaël Junqueira wrote:
> ...
> > > BTW, I have got as far with loading secdrv.sys as crashing on
> unimplemented
> > > IoCreateDevice. I believe the Io* functions will be the biggest
> problems.
> It is no problem loading it and initializing it by Captive NTFS for
> GNU/Linux:
> 	http://www.jankratochvil.net/project/captive/
> ./captive-cmdline --load-module=/tmp/ntoskrnl.exe
> --filesystem=/tmp/secdrv.sys --debug-messages /dev/null
> (some trivia extensions done before a moment are currently only in
> CVS:
> 		section 'CVS Bleeding Edge'
> )
> 'secdrv.sys' creates devices:
> 	"\Device\AscKmd" (symlinked to "\DosDevices\AscKmd")
> 	"\Device\Secdrv" (symlinked to "\DosDevices\Secdrv")
> It returns STATUS_SUCCESS afterwards. The log can be seen at
> 	http://www.jankratochvil.net/priv/secdrv/secdrv-init-onlysecdrv.log
> I used secdrv.sys
> 	http://www.jankratochvil.net/priv/secdrv/secdrv.sys
> 	md5: bb6fbebebbd14429021f2851a60d8546
> downloaded by Google from
> 	http://www.kids-station.com/game/Patrician2/secdrv.sys
> Further run fails for Captive as 'secdrv.sys' is somehow broken
> driver as it
> does not provide any way to mount a filesystem. :-?
> Currently the example above requires 'ntoskrnl.exe' of NT-5.1 (XP).
> Tried Service Pack 1 Free Build and Service Pack 1 Checked Build.
> It would not be needed for such simple driver as 'secdrv.sys' but
> Captive
> currently requires it for its 'ntfs.sys' emulation, reasons below:
> The next step is to combine Captive with Wine to be able to run the
> W32
> userland application with 'secdrv.sys'. Captive ported only the W32
> kernel part
> of ReactOS to the GNU/Linux environment, no W32 userland code is
> present there.

Hmm. We really shouldnt need to make much changes to WINE to use
Captive I would think. Once Captive+SevDrv and WINE are running you
should have full access to the CDROM drive. 

> > Well, i don't think implementing simple (stupid?) Io* functions
> will be 
> > diffcult. 
> (A)Synchronous/(Non)Alertable IRPs (I/O Request Packet) can be tricky
> although
> it is generally solved by ReactOS/Captive and it is questionable how
> much it is
> perused by 'secdrv.sys' IRP handling code.

We are still having trouble loading SecDrv.sys on native ROS.
> > For me, the problem is what secdrv want to do with this functions
> (maybe a 
> > voodoo test for safely check if the subsystem have a correct
> behavior):
> ...
> > - - RtlUnwind
> This is a part of undocumented SEH (Structured Exception Handling)
> implemented
> by ReactOS while fixed by Captive and partially combined with native
> 'ntoskrnl.exe'. I still have some suspections on the correctness of
> the current
> implementation but it works fine for 'ntfs.sys'.

We have a new SEH implementation that is not merged yet. The
implementation we have is patent friendly as it implement SEH totaly
differntly by using macros kind of like WINE. 

Its looking good!


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