[ros-general] ReactOS manual project

Novikov Semyon <tappak> tappak at freemail.ru
Tue Apr 6 20:59:25 CEST 2004

Hi dear developers and users!
If you remember, some month ago, i wrote "ReactOS man browser" in .cmd
Now i rewrote it on "c". This version have some compatibility with
UNIX-like manual pages. ;)
I simply have opened Linux manual file foo.1 and looked at used  tags.

Now about problems...
1. I has failed to achieve full compatibility :(  I was compelled to use
    special "newline" tag (.NL).
    But Linux manual pages displays almost correctly.  (See file
    used_tags.txt for list of supported tags)
2. Force use of system text color. (by default in Win2k)
3. Non environment varrible MANPATH.
4. More others :) I'm just first year student :)

Who can realize screen scrolling? May be use "more" code for this?
Thanks for your time :)

wbr .tappak
Sorry for my English...

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