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Colin Burn Colin.Burn at pigroup.co.uk
Thu Feb 5 09:44:23 CET 2004

What would happen if you installed IE on ReactOS?

Does the licence allow this?

Whilst I'm thinking about it... What would happen if a user went to the
windows update site?

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I also agree with this,

    We should take Firebird (since its only the browser (not mail, IRC, 
composer, etc.) and its faster than IE) and add in the ActiveX control 
plug in (which you can get at: 
http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/plugin.htm) and also make a COM wrapper 
for the Gecko rendering engine, between those two we should have a full 
replacement to IE for the OS.  I think that there was some Netscape 
employees working on making a COM wrapper for Mozilla, but I can't 
remember the website, and development seemed to be pretty inactive, but 
its better than starting from scratch.

David Dunn wrote:

> I went through the forum and heard a lot of things about which browser 
> (mostly mozilla) should be used as the default for ROS.
> Just my idea, but I think that we should use a modified version of the 
> Mozilla ActiveX control instead with a dummy browser placed on top.  
> There are 3 reasons why I think that this (even though it may be more 
> difficult) is probably the best choice in the long run.
> -Programs that require IE will instead be redirected to use Mozilla's 
> rendering engine instead
> -The dummy browser could store it's bookmarks in a similar manner to 
> the way IE does adding to the startbutton/bookmarks compatibility
> -Still promotes OSS
> Firebird and Mozilla are great and all, but if there isn't 
> compatability with the myriads of programs that want to call IE for 
> some reason or another ROS will be slower to be adopted
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