[ros-general] Installing ReactOS 0.2 RC2 on a 2-disk system with winme, Gentoo Linux and Mandrake Linux already installed

João Jerónimo Barata de Oliveira j_j_b_o_j at yahoo.com.br
Thu Feb 5 22:40:40 CET 2004

Robert Köpferl wrote:

>>> There are some issues with some cd-drive. If you boot with the iso from
>>> this cd drive, what happens?
>> What iso?!
> iso is the international sdandards organization. :-P
> However, meant with this term is a CD or a CD image which is usually 
> formatet as specified in iso9660, which is an iso standard.

I know what is an ISO! I was only asking him what iso was he refering to...

P.S.: forgot the subject!

João Jerónimo

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