[ros-general] Sub-pixel rendering coup

Robert Köpferl rob at koepferl.de
Sun Feb 15 21:49:01 CET 2004

Photoshop does oversampling in a memory DC and then
applies various filter cores to make the downsize.
For different rendering / downsizing 'algorithms'

.... I think.

Jasper van de Gronde schrieb:
> I'm curious, what kind of subpixel rendering does Photoshop use?
> I myself can't stand ClearType, so if it's possible to do something 
> similar, only better, that sounds like a good idea to me.
> George Edward Purdy wrote:
>> The one thing a lot of people I know who use Windows 2000 have talked 
>> about
>> that tempted them to switch to Windows XP despite the bloat is ClearType
>> subpixel rendering technology, an alternate to simple font smoothing
>> introduced in Windows 95.
>> If ReactOS can offer superior subpixel rendering of fonts (ala 
>> Photoshop or
>> better) I could see it seriously competing.
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