[ros-general] Re: Ok guys...

Martin Fuchs martin-fuchs at gmx.net
Mon Feb 16 09:14:20 CET 2004

On 15.02.2004 18:00:57 Mark Grosberg wrote:
> > Let's use preprocessor directives (e.g. #ifndef _LEAN_EXPLORER) to disable
> > extended functionality in explorer. This way we can maintain one codebase
> > to create
> Ick. In my experience preprocessor directives result in code that falls
> apart.

What's your alternative solution?

I will create a branch "lean-explorer" in the explorer directory, so you can look at it and say, if it's worth moving it into a separate directory.

Another thing - if you really care about code size and optimization don't use GCC, but VC++ or even better Intel's compilers. MinGW GCC bloates executable size and isn't very goof at optimizing.

To make ReactOS faster there should at least be enabled DMA transfers in the IDE driver. This are the real problems I see at the moment.



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