[ros-general] Re: Ok guys...

ilmcuts ilmcuts at gmx.net
Mon Feb 16 11:46:39 CET 2004

Martin Fuchs wrote:

>Using CreateDesktop() and SwitchDesktop()
>shows the following problems:
>- It's not possible to share the notification area among different desktops.
>- If you want to launch programs from those additional desktops, it's not
>enough to create a new thread per desktop, you have to launch an explicit
>new explorer processes for each of the desktops.
>- You can't (simply) move one application from one desktop to another.
>(However it could be possible by using a thread-/DLL-injection technic,
>I didn't try this.)

The inability to move application windows is by design, desktops 
wouldn't count as a "secure object" otherwise. You can move threads 
across desktops, but only as long as they don't have windows and other 
similar things.

About sharing the tray, you could do this by creating a memory mapped 
file or some other kind of shared memory which holds the internal NID 
list. At least if you want to use separate instances of Explorer. If you 
just want a single instance it's easier to share data, but it's more 
difficult to implement the rest. =) You need to create one thread per 
desktop and duplicate all UI elements in all those threads. I have never 
tried to implement this particular scenario, but it appears to be 
possible. Personally I'd go the one-process-per-desktop route with 
shared memory.

Note that if you're just after VWM-style functionality, you don't really 
need to use those APIs. What Litestep does is simply moving the windows 
off-screen, for example 10000 pixels to the right. Except for some 
glitches with the recent XP Styles, this has worked fine since '97 or 
'98. I can point you to some GPL'ed implementations if you want; if you 
want to test the binaries go to www.litestep.net, register (requirement 
by the host, we don't complain for $0 hosting), and download the installer.

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