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Tue Feb 17 16:54:30 CET 2004

Enrico Weigelt wrote:

>>>And why implement _Windows_ and not a good system which allows running old 
>>>windows applications ?
>>ReactOS *is* meant as "a good system which allows running old windows 
>Perhaps it was a misunderstanding. I meant a "good operating system" which
>can be used for many tasks, not just running windows applications.
>So this would end up in a windows subsystem.
>Well, let me ask the question in a diffrent way:
>What are the existing kernels/operating systems are missing that you
>require a completely new kernel. Writing a good operating system from scratch
>is a very huge job - i.e. linux has taken many years to come to the point
>where it is.
You can also see this in a different way: We are working together with 
the Wine project. This project is already quite old and it's still in 
it's alpha phase, so developments aren't really going hard...
This project has a good potential of becoming a very fast developing 
project since there are a lot of windows developers outthere.
Now the situation is that the ReactOS project hugely consumes of the 
knowledge of the Wine project, but in a year or so the situation could 
have changed in the other way around! Then it is time to finally build a 
_good_ windows subsystem for linux!
 From my point of view the ReactOS project is no more then a step 
between the situation now and having a good Windows subsystem in Linux.
Hope that that cleared something.


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