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Ricardo Ramalho rjsr at netcabo.pt
Wed Feb 18 20:14:31 CET 2004

Hi there!

	people tend to joke about the change in WinNT4 where parts of the
graphic driver were 	moved to kernelspace and point to the "superior"
design of linux.

	let's see:
	 - fbdev: reduced functionality, unstable graphic drivers with a
	   management problem
	 - DRM/DRI+agpgart: kernelguard with userspace module, 3D only
	 - XFree86: drivers in userspace that get access to ring0
	   (inb/outb), enumerate the pci bus by themselves (code
duplication, bad
	   design, potential problems), directly interact with hardware
(which needs
	   synchronization with the kernel in more than one way) - btw:
these inb/outb
	   things are accessible to each and every process running as root
(and can
	   program every hardware you have, read out your keyboard
controller, rape
	   your cat...)
	 - directfb: works on top of fbdev, inherits its problems and needs
	   accessors, combining both the worst parts of fbdev and XFree86
	   solving the problems of its authors, so I guess that's ok)
	what exactly is superior with that?

Quite truthfull comments. No doubts. Just don't make them to Linux, make
those comments about *nix in general. *nix wasn't made for graphics. X was
an add-on. People are trying to put a client/server architecture working
fast. That needs hacking. But... Isn't Windows hacked in the same way? It
surely does not have these problems! It has some others.

I would say both systems are *equivalent* in this matter...

	similar reasons apply to most other parts of the linux kernel:
they're either _inferior_ to 	the WinNT design (maybe not in
implementation but that's one of the things ReactOS must do 	different,
by design) or plain incompatible. and before you start with "how about
improving 	linux": with a strong "benevolent dictator" it might be hard
to get architectural 	improvements into linux, look for project UDI on
lkml as reference what happens to people 	suggesting this...
	also, reactos started with "real code" in 1997 or 1998 - what was
the state of linux back 	then?
	finally, the last 6 months were about the most successful months in
the existance of ReactOS 	- a good reason to move on, instead of
retargetting, or not?
	there are a lot of things that went pretty good with linux, but
using a remotely modern 	design (where are personalities, when you
need them?) and subscribing to API contracts (see 	UDI discussions or
the problems nvidia has to catch up with their drivers) are definitely 	not
on their agenda.

	grow up
	patrick mauritz

Inferior in design? LOL! I will *not* comment that part... 


The binary driver thing "problem" is one and one only. The whole system is
open. Why should it be closed for drivers? Those drivers would use code
written with the hard work of others... It's not fair. Why shouldn't they
give the driver's code? 

You seem to hate Linux with all your nerves. You grow up. No system is
perfect! Some are better on some respects... Some are better on others. We
should all learn with what others do. 

Some people here are immensely *arrogant*! That's NOT good for the project.
Regardless of the quality of their work.

Sorry if I offended someone.

Just my 2 cents,


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