[ros-general] Translators ARE needed (Now plain text)

Robert Köpferl rob at koepferl.de
Thu Feb 19 20:47:15 CET 2004

João Jerónimo Barata de Oliveira schrieb:

> I would like to translate into Portugese (of Portugal)...

Ive put you on list at 
> But before I want to know what level of knowns I need, in order to 
> translate, for example, the ReactOS itself... Do I need to know C 
> programing, or I can use any other method?

No its just editing either HTML files or resource files wich are to be 
understood within 5 min

> I also don't know any portuguese who use ReactOS! Would be the 
> translation usefull? I will also be alone because of the same reason.
> João Jerónimo
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