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Sun Feb 22 01:21:08 CET 2004

Nate DeSimone wrote:

>> Since I do not understand C (in fact I hate c/cpp) some very odd
>> suggestions are, to use very current technologies like
>> - XML
>> - a progamming language that is cool (probably no one exists yet)
> So what do you suggest we program in other than C? XML?!  XML is used 
> to transfer land store data, and its not compiled, its interpreted.  
> Its not something you would even write a small app using since its not 
> for programming.  C and C++ may have a little more of a learning curve 
> than Javascript, but if you have a strong command for the language and 
> on how to write fast algorithms then it is definitely for best 
> friend.  There really is no alternative than C when you are writing a 
> new kernel (except perhaps assembly, but I couldn't imaging trying to 
> write a whole modern kernel in ASM, it would be near impossible to 
> write that code.)  Moreover we work very heavily with the WINE project 
> and all their code is C.  C++ and the Standard Library is a very 
> current technology and while its not a buzz word right now, it will 
> remain the language of choice for serious developers for a long time 
> to come.  C, in its pure form is starting to get a bit dated, but it 
> reduces overhead and runs faster than C++.
It's not impossible to write a modern kernel in assembly, BeOS was a 
fine example of such a thing. It's a shame that Microsoft killed it...

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