[ros-general] great project / suggestions

Jan Tisje jan.tisje at gmx.de
Sun Feb 22 09:50:50 CET 2004

Nate DeSimone <desimn at rpi.edu> schrieb am Sat, 21 Feb 2004 11:51:52 -0500

> >Since I do not understand C (in fact I hate c/cpp) some very 
> > odd suggestions 
> > are, to use very current technologies like
> >- XML
> >- a progamming language that is cool (probably no one exists yet)
> >  
> >
> So what do you suggest we program in other than C? XML?!  

I am very sorry. you completly misunderstood. (seems to be my fortune --
to be misunderstood ;-)

This is the discussion i did not want to start :-(

first, additional to the goals of the RealOS, my personal dreams are
about a "perfect" programming environment. like your dream about a
perfect OS. 
C will always stay the language of choice for low level programming. 
But probably not for app development.

I said this, to make clear I would not be of much help in this area,
despite i do know some theory on OS programming. 

so, i found the second part of my mail to be a project , that could in
not so near future be associated to RealOS...

and  i want to hear your opinion....

> Its 
> not something you would even write a small app using since its not for 
> programming.  

please have look at XUL (mozilla)
(it's for GUI only, but is used for something you probably could call

it may be good idea to use such modern tools instead of old ones...


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